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Bespoke SSAS and Statutory Planning Solutions.
CPD for Accountants and Professional Advisors.
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Technical Support & Training For Advisors

The SSAS Consulting Group works alongside Professional Advisors to ensure that their clients get the very best advice and technical support.

We also provide Accountants and Professional Advisors with training on how to identify SSAS pensions and other planning opportunities, using a series of video case studies. 

The content of these can also be adapted for client presentations and seminars at a time when many entrepreneurs are concerned about future tax rises and how to correctly plan their business and personal affairs.

We find that most Accountants and Professional Advisors are sat on client scenarios where significant savings can be made in both personal and corporate taxes – but are unaware that these opportunities exist or how best to implement them. That is where we add value and support our professional partners at all stages of the implementation.

Expert Team + Partners

SSAS Consulting Group brings together an Elite Team of SSAS Pensions and Tax Planning Expertise – to offer a truly bespoke advisory service to the clients of Accountants and other Professional Advisors. The Group consists of a number of individual businesses, which lets us offer the broadest range of solutions possible.

We combine decades of experience from a Chartered Tax Advisor, A SSAS Pensions Administrator and Practitioner, An Independent Trustee & Lawyer with EOT and Probate expertise, a Chartered IFA with QNUPS and QROPS permissions and an ex-CII G60 Examiner with 32 years of Technical Training & Presenting Seminars under his belt!

If you add in all our other planning connections from the UK, EU and Offshore – We are confident that there is no aspect of SSAS and tax planning that we cannot cover!      

This first case study talks you through how it is possible to make a SSAS Contribution using an existing commercial property instead of ‘cash’ – something that many Advisors think is no longer allowed simply because HMRC do not allow this for SIPPs (Self Invested Personal Pensions), which are totally different types of pensions!

This second case study highlights the problems associated with owning commercial property within a number of SIPPs – Rather than using a SSAS. On death the SIPP’s can require costly administration to re-arrange asset ownership and Land Registry details – whereas a SSAS can simply rearrange ownership internally, with very little Admin (or costs!) required.

This third case study highlights a number of ways in which a business owner can make use of their Entrepreneurs Relief (or as we know it now… “Business Asset Disposal” relief). It is also possible to ‘sell’ a business for many millions of pounds and for the owners to pay 0% CGT on the sale. This case study talks you through 3 options and how they might work!

This fourth Case Study takes a couple who own a commercial property from paying tax on the rent right through to being owed money tax free and letting the rent accumulate within a SSAS – free from tax!

SSAS Consulting Group:

SSAS Consulting Group – Training & Presentations.
Segmented Solutions – SSAS Administration.
Elite Wealth Services – Business Planning.
Fusion Partners LLP – CTA Tax Sign-off as required.
Sovereign IFA – FCA Compliance when needed.

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Web Based Chatbots can help identify planning opportunities & Deliver documents for you too. Here’s our FREE SSAS Chatbot (From Segmented Solutions our SSAS Provider) which delivers 4 Training Videos as well as Full SSAS Establishment Documents and 2 Planning Case Studies: